Hi.  My name is Donna, and a while back I woke up and realized I am no longer young. OMG, as the kids say. Oh my God.  All the scary things of aging crowded my mind at once. Nursing homes. Death.  Elastic waistbands and ugly shoes. I wanted to pound on the door of Old Age, crying, “Let me out!  You don’t understand–I’m only 28!”

As you might have guessed, no one produced a key that opened the magic door, and I turned 60 a few weeks later. Bummer.

But unlike a lot of people my age, I’m surprisingly healthy, fit, and fairly slender.  I look positively trim in clothing. But underneath, 60-itis reigns. It’s the usual story: sagging all over the place, a tummy, back fat. Sigh.  What’s a girl to do, but stay covered and keep a ready supply of Spanx?  Whoever said 60 is the new 40 hadn’t reckoned on cellulite.

Somewhere along this lumpy, bumpy road, I became fixated on preventive medicine—doing whatever it takes to stay well. I read a lot—books, articles, and information on the internet.  There’s some great information there, but you’re well advised to take it with several large grains of salt. And I place a lot of value in a good physician—they should be your best wellness guru.

In researching my own health, I’ve uncovered a lot of information that you might find useful, and we’ll discuss in later posts.  We’ll also talk about beauty, food, fitness, and anything else that is part of a life well-lived.

That 28-year-old girl inside of me refuses to be extinguished, and she’s absorbed a fair amount of wisdom along the way.  One of the things she’s learned is that for all its faults, getting older can be a pretty amazing place to be as long as you have your health, friends, and a steady supply of wine.

I hope you’ll join me on the journey.




2 Responses to About

  1. Donna, I love this. I just had the Big Six-O myself. Decided this year I would be “Sassy Sixty!” Same weight as when I married 37 years ago but my does it look different! And who is that old lady in the mirror?? My husband, an ER doc, keeps me posted on healthy stuff, and I keep myself posted on healthy stuff since I have had to deal with MS for the last 33 years. I love your research, your take on it, and esp your humor! Cheers!!!

  2. Anne Rouse says:


    great stuff. you are such a fine writer. not yet 60, but about to be a grandmother! have lost 25 pounds and still have a few ore to go. life is good, but i can always do better. i’ll be reading your blog!

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